Most of the time, when women are struggling with ANYTHING, it’s because they’ve forgotten their own Divinely ordained power.

My name is Mica DeSantis and my clients (particularly those who have gotten pregnant after their sessions) have affectionately called me their “Miracle Worker!”

I am a believer in everything!  Since I was a little baby I’ve witnessed miracles, magic, and surprises from the universe that molded my heart and mind and convinced me that literally anything is possible.

My work is dedicated to Life Sketching, Miracle Mapping and Soul Baby Touch. My purpose is to help others take notice of the magic surrounding them, helping them heal, and guiding them to their purpose and their pre-destined MIRACLES.  I feel we all get to create our masterpieces…what we want to share with the universe. We can sketch, create, and map out life every day. We aren’t stuck in this program. We get to write our own stories. We get to conceive and give birth to our own miracles!

Life Sketching offers: special events, meditation groups, private sessions for co-creating a life redesign, and soul baby whisperer services for those trying to conceive or adopt.

I lived a relatively “normal” life but had some amazing experiences that have led me to where I am today.  We all live incredible existences here on earth, but not all of us remember all of what we are and what we’ve been shown.  But I have noticed the more I remember and the more I acknowledge, accept and share what I know to be true – the happier I am, and the more I can help bring others happiness.

When I was in my late 20’s the universe decided to teach me a lesson about energy, love, health, and following my heart.  Living a fast and intense life – my body decided to put it all on hold. The strange symptoms began… numbness, fatigue, confusion, falling down…I was eventually diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).   I had to make major adjustments to my work, my beliefs, and my habits.

My first reaction was based in fear.  I decided to take every medication they offered for my illness and did everything I could to stay functioning physically.  I refused to get depressed or feel anything at all. I was going to survive despite the diagnosis. And I did – for many years.  

Then came the unexpected spiritual awakening.  I can’t really pinpoint what happened but a combination of holding my dog as he took his last breath, a shift in energy, and a frustration with my health, brought me to a place that opened my life to people who understood me, opportunities I never dreamed existed, and the realization that I am meant to work with women who were trying to make changes in their lives, and women who are struggling to conceive a child.  

This awakening triggered something deep inside that no longer allowed me to accept my illness or the way I was going about handling it.  Through a friend, I was introduced to an amazing woman who performed Polarity Therapy on me.  Her work balanced and repaired my chakra system, healed many old energies that needed attention and taught me to manage my masculine and feminine energy, and tune in to become aware of what is working and what is blocking me.  I came to realize that the medication I have been taking for years to slow down the progression of the MS and the medication to reduce pain and anxiety/depression were all suppressing my ability to know myself and heal myself.

I was trained in Reiki and other reiki style modalities. I practice reiki and meditation daily, ensuring I am in balance, and I have never felt healthier and happier!

I finally reached the point where I knew what I was meant to be doing.  My purpose is to help others take notice of the magic surrounding them, helping them heal, and guiding them to their purpose and their pre-destined MIRACLES.

One of the astonishing things I discovered as a young adult was that I could help women who were trying to conceive a baby just by touching them!  

Through energy healing, clearing and balancing chakras, meditation, coaching and support, and lot of magic – Miracle Mapping and Life Sketching bring peace and possibility to every woman who wants it.

And now for the first time, you can experience the miracle of Soul Baby Touch remotely.

You do not have to settle for what you have, when you know on a deep soul level that you were meant to conceive a different, more fulfilling, more authentic life!

Whether it’s a baby you want or a partner or a dream job, you can conceive it. And I can help.

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