Empowered Conception Program (6 weeks) (Group)


Empowered Conception Program (6 weeks) (Group)


This group program will shift you from “trying to conceive” to an “empowered conception” shifting away from struggle and instead create magic!

Next program begins March 2019

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Your program will be individualized based on your spiritual journey and needs and will include the following:

·       Opening: A time dedicated to inviting the Soul Baby in. This is the way we invite your baby to begin communicating with you. It is POWERFUL and is truly the beginning of your journey as a mother.

·       Clearing/Balancing Your Chakras to maximize your receptive and creative frequency (hands on or remote):  This life-changing healing work will include releasing anything that has caused blockage and is not allowing a baby to manifest for you.  All chakras need to be clear. 

·       Meditations:  I believe in idealized imagery work with my clients.  Part for healing and part for connecting them to the energy of the soul baby. The meditations we experience together are mind-blowing! You will begin to actually walk a journey with your baby! You might get a message directly from spirit, urging you to clear a long-standing resentment with someone in your family. Women are blown away by the messages that come through in this work as often, the reason they have been blocked from motherhood is a complete shock! Once you see it, you can clear it!

Together we will go through my “ARC” process of Acknowledging, Releasing, and Connecting.

All sessions promise peace & possibility!

Ask yourself:

What is the cost of NOT getting support on my Conception Journey?

How much will it affect my life to not heal?

What if I do not have a baby? 

What is this support worth to me?


Instead of becoming further traumatized by medical focus, empower yourself with the tools to conceive through your own feminine power.


Empowered Conception focuses on:

Healing from loss (abortion, miscarriage, loss after birth)

Healing from Trauma (life experiences, medical trauma around infertility)

Acknowledging all areas of life

Releasing anything that is no longer needed

Connect with your soul baby!  (your relationship with the soul of your baby begins long before conception)