Miracle Mapping/Life Sketching


Miracle Mapping/Life Sketching


Mapping out your path to a purposeful, powerful life.

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Mapping out your path to a purposeful, powerful life.

Miracle Mapping is a system of ongoing energy healing and life sketching to help you design and conceive the life you want to live.

Everyone’s destiny is specific to them. You have a destiny connected to your soul that is unlike that of anyone else’s.

You have a child who is meant for you.

A love who is meant for you.

A job that is meant for you.

A purpose that is all yours.

And life feels hard and confusing when the path you are living is not the one you are destined for.

But it’s tough to remember, hear or feel the messages your soul wants you to hear under the deafening sounds and demands of “real life.”

So together, with a blend of energy activation, light healing, crystal therapy, talk therapy, visualization, meditation and intuitive opening, we will reconnect you the path you were destined to take.

You will remember.

You will call forth all that you need to create your new reality.

You will master the art of manifesting miracles!