Soul Baby Group Session
9:30 AM09:30

Soul Baby Group Session

Are you dreaming of becoming pregnant?  Struggling to conceive?  Have you suffered a pregnancy loss?

No matter what part of your conception journey you may be on, this session promises peace and possibility.

Join me in a session filled with healing, connecting, and opening channels to conception.

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Life Sketching featuring Sage Osa:  Energy Frequency
7:00 PM19:00

Life Sketching featuring Sage Osa: Energy Frequency

Join us for a special evening...

Check out what Life Sketching is about with Mica DeSantis.
Elevate Your Frequency and Transcend Your life with Sage Osa.
Meet author of "Ocean's Fire", a new fictional masterpiece (1st book of a trilogy) by Stacey Tucker.

During this fun, inspiring and experiential event, Sage will share how a staggering amount of our daily choices and decisions (85-90% !?!) are influenced by beliefs formed during our childhoods. Together we will awaken our limitless selves and release the energetic frequencies of these beliefs and memorized emotions that no longer serves us.

During this evening you will:
• Identify your unique frequency that you broadcast to the world, your own "attractor!
• Experience connecting to the unified field, where all possibilities exist as Sage provides an energy frequency attunement for the group.

Bio: Sage considers herself to be a modern day human Alchemist, blending the intuitive and practical aspects of the life well-lived.

You will need to register for this event before it begins on Oct 17th.
The cost to join is $30.
To register and pay, please click on this link:

Hope you see you there!
Feel free to share with friends and ask them to register.

Looking forward to a magical night!

Mica DeSantis & Sage Osa

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21 Day Life Redesign
to Jun 12

21 Day Life Redesign

I'm creating a private Facebook group to give you a taste of Life Sketching.  It's a 21 day program.  Each day I will pull an oracle card to help guide us in the right direction....and see what magic comes into your life.

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