The Sacred Path to Conceiving


This is the best, most authentic way to connect to your soul baby--- the baby you are meant to raise. This is where you meet for the first time, remove the blocks and barriers between you and clear the path for your own Divine Miracle to manifest!

Most of my clients come to me when they are deep in the emotional struggle of trying to become a mother

If you’re like them, you’ve probably come here for the same reason.

You’ve Googled everything in the book that increases fertility and have been tracking your body temperature and ovulation period for weeks and weeks, only to be let down month after month.

Sound familiar?

You’ve also been told a thousand different things from people who swear you will get pregnant if you “do this or do that!”

Eat this! Lose weight! Exercise more! Relax! See a doctor!  Consider IVF!"

…and the list goes on and on.


Are you discouraged yet?  Feeling emotionally drained? And not sure you want to continue feeling disappointed… Every. Single. Month?

Have you suffered from recurrent miscarriages that have left you doubting whether motherhood will ever be in the books for you. 

Well the good news is, there’s another way!

No matter what your personal circumstances are, I am here to listen. To guide you. To help you connect with your soul baby. And to heal you so that you can connect to your baby. Not just “a” baby. But YOUR baby. The child that is pre-destined to be yours.

 It’s not a coincidence we met.

My purpose is to help you take notice of the magic within and around you, help you heal, and guide you to create and conceive your own miracle.

Hundreds of women, just like you have turned to alternative modalities to conceive their babies. It’s YOUR TURN.


I’ve helped women connect to their soul baby-- the baby they were destined to raise.

I’ve helped them get pregnant.

I’ve helped them draw an energetic chord from their heart to the heart and soul of the baby they were destined to adopt.

I’ve helped them conceive the baby they were destined to parent.

 I will help you too.


Soul Baby Touch


It wasn’t long into my healing journey that I discovered as a young adult that I was able to help women in ways no doctor could.  By connecting on a deeper, emotional level and unblocking negative energy and experiences, I discovered I could help women conceive a baby by touching them.

Soul Baby Touch and Conscious Conception are extraordinary communication methods that combine spiritual and metaphysical modalities to help you connect with, speak to and hear from the baby you are destined to have.

Your SOUL baby.

Like a soulmate, a soul baby is the baby Divinely ordained for you. The baby you are meant to raise, love and teach on this Earth, at this specific time.


If you have struggled with "unknown" infertility, or have other obstacles that are preventing you from your dream of meeting this baby, Soul Baby touch will make this possible for you.  You will form a connection that cannot be seen, only felt. We will remove the blocks and obstacles that are in your way and will forge the path to your own Divine Miracle.

The work we do together will move you into a new energy, a receptive one that awakens your innate powers of creation and opens the door to the magic of motherhood.