Love Notes from Clients


I’ll never forget the first day I met Mica.  A friend of mine knew I was newly trying to conceive and just suggested talking to her just because she knows I’m open to reiki and told me it would be relaxing!   We texted Mica that moment and asked if she was available later that day for a session!  She was! 

Moments after arriving I felt comfortable enough to open up and realized I was holding on to some extreme guilt from my early adulthood regarding conception.  I had made the decision to terminate for many reasons.  Mica was one of few people who I told my deepest secret to.  She listened, understood, was completely non judgmental, and helped me understand how I could release that guilt and be open to now many years later trying to conceive to start a family.  That session was very healing and I left feeling energized and eager to release those emotions I had been holding on to so tightly. 

Now the fun part... husbands, listen up!

I went back for another session.  We meditated, pulled a few cards (which always are spot on!), she did some energy work, and as described in other testimonials.. she did her “touch”.  I don’t know what that touch does but I was energized and ready to go when I got home... 

My husband said “Whatever you did with her, go back and do that again!!!” Let’s just say he thoroughly enjoyed the “positive energy”. 

I must add that I was using ovulation sticks a friend gave me just to see if I could track my ovulation and they never showed a positive sign... therefore I could never figure out when I was ovulating.  I even checked the entire month because I was curious... and nothing. 

Well, I got pregnant that night!  At least I say it was that night since those sticks weren’t giving me any info!!  I can say.. I just KNEW it was that night.  I felt different after seeing her. 

Whether you’re trying to conceive or just need to release negative energy and learn how to start being in control of your mind and body connection, I would highly recommend seeing Mica for a session!  I feel so lucky to have found her!

SK, Westport CT (Soul Baby Whisperer Client)


Mica is amazingly gifted! I had an individual Soul Baby Whisperer Session 5 months after experiencing a pregnancy loss. During my session Mica was able to connect with the soul of my baby and communicate a message to me. This message brought me peace after so many months.  Micas's energy is very healing and positive.  I look forward to continuous sessions with her.

Sasha, Norwalk, CT  (Soul Baby Whisperer Session)


Mica is amazing person and great healer whenever I need her, she is just a email away. She always responds me quickly whatever concern I have. Her touch is amazing. I had a great experience with her during my session. She is very caring and loving. She is my Angel.

Pushpal Soni, CT  (Soul Baby Whisperer Session)


I met Mica DeSantis about 13 years ago, before she had a business offering Soul Baby Whisperer services, she was just a friend.
At the time – my husband and I were trying to conceive our first child and the timing was just not working. I casually shared this with Mica and she told me that she could help me with shifting my energy.  Skeptical initially, I agreed to give it a shot.  After some discussion, Mica used Reiki-like energy touch on me, and I literally became pregnant that night!
Not only that, but after the session, she said she saw a beautiful baby boy’s face….and sure enough my son was born 9 months later! I am a believer!!!

Pilar, Stamford, CT(Soul Baby Whisperer Session)


It's kismet chance that we even get "there" sometimes with all that's involved with raising a family, paying the bills and keeping it all rolling. But when Mica brings people together, I am immediately intrigued and leave with "something" to have or to hold. The sessions (both group & 1/1;) bring unique openness discussing your life's purpose. Her Life Sketching Room allows for a circle of cosy atmosphere to create, think about the many possibilities life offers and sometimes to receive spiritual messages. We get by with a little help from the angels. Thank you. Give Mica's Life Sketch session a GO!!!

Andi, Weston, CT(Life Sketching & Reiki)


Attended both a group and individual session and loved them both! I am learning so much about myself. Mica provides such a warm and inviting environment and the whole experience feels peaceful, safe and uplifting. I can't wait for my next session!

Allison, Weston, CT(Life Sketching)


Mica is incredibly patient, listens intently, provides actionable insight through intuitive readings and mostly important, she genuinely cares. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking positive changes and inspiration to discover life's purpose.

Heloisa, Stamford, CT (Life Sketching)


Thank you for an amazing session today Mica. I learned so much and I'm excited to see how what we discussed plays out in the future and on this journey. You are the best!

Erica, Weston, CT(Life Sketching & Reiki)


...I love the message, I was dancing in my livingroom last night and this morning i was listening to children's songs on the way to work. It felt like we connected and i felt a lot of love and joy, my biggest dream is to meet this little soul!...  It felt powerful. There is a beautiful simplicity and power in the exercises!!...I feel a lot of energy after our talk yesterday and excitement because I feel my connection to soul baby is getting stronger. 

Annika, Sweden (Soul Baby Whisperer Remote sessions)