Soul Baby Assessment

Sometimes the answer isn’t black and white.

Sometimes the doctors miss something.

Sometimes, the answer is something you never expected.

Is it your body or your BEING?

Take the assessment and find out the real reason you’ve struggled to get pregnant!
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  1. When you were a child, what were your thoughts about becoming a mother?

    1. Couldn’t wait to be a mother! Played with and took care of my dolls all the time.
    2. Never thought about it much.
    3. Didn’t have any desire to be a mother
  2. When you have a pain or uncomfortable feeling, do you seek the advice of a doctor or specialist?

    1. I avoid doctors, and instead look inward to find any imbalances
    2. I call my doctor right away, no time to be sick
    3. I google my information and then panic
  3. When things are uncertain in your life, how do you feel?

    1. Excited for the unknown challenges
    2. I pray to get through it
    3. I start to panic
  4. What are your beliefs around miracles & magic?

    1. I am open to anything being possible
    2. I believe in some miracles, but skeptical
    3. I don’t believe anything that I can’t prove
  5. When I see pregnant women, I think:

    1. Oh how nice for them!
    2. Why does she get to be so lucky?
    3. Ugh – I can’t take seeing this right now
  6. What are your family’s (and ancestors) overall beliefs around childbirth/pregnancy?

    1. Pregnancy is easy and wonderful
    2. Easy conception is only for lucky people
    3. Pregnancy is hard and stressful
  7. Have you had to deal with many medical issues in your lifetime?

    1. No
    2. Some
    3. Yes
  8. Do you and your partner agree with one another about when/how to conceive?

    1. Yes
    2. Mostly
    3. No
  9. Have you ever felt like you could communicate with your future child?

    1. Yes
    2. I sometimes sense him/her
    3. No
  10. Have you ever been pregnant?

    1. No
    2. Yes, I have children
    3. Yes, but had a miscarriage, loss or abortion
  11. If you are having trouble conceiving, are you doing any of the following to change things?

    1. Changing diet
    2. Going for acupuncture/reiki session
    3. Working with a fertility specialist
  12. Have you been told that you have “unknown fertility” issues?

    1. No
    2. Something like that
    3. Yes
  13. When you are unable to manifest something… (the perfect job, an idea, a baby), do you find yourself feeling…?

    1. Hopeful and I keep trying
    2. Frustrated/angry
    3. Fearful and hopeless

You are... Spiritual!

You are... Energetic!

You are... Biological!

Ready to fix it once and for all? Ready to STOP the waiting and wondering and call in the baby you were mean to have?

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