The Fertility Code

I understand that your conception journey in a personal one.  And everyone’s is different.

My Soul Baby service involves one on one support, healing and includes a very unique “touch” (in person or distant) that has been known to instantly connect you with your soul baby and conceive.

But I also understand that you don’t always want to work with someone right away on such a personal and intimate journey.

That is why I have had these “Fertility Code” Alchemy Beats created specifically for women trying to conceive with the focus on healing and ideal for removing fear.  

I am so excited to share these with you!!!

The Fertility Code beats are customized sounds and provide healing, reduce fear that comes along with the conception journey, and opens channels to unexpected places, connecting you further with your Soul Baby.  They are relaxing and unique!  You will feel as instant shift (plus so much more)!

When we heal – we can manifest anything!

When we heal – we can connect to our soul baby!


 Fertility Code purchasing options:


Fertility Code Beats Package

You will receive 3 tracks:   Grounding (11 min), Receiving (11 min), and the Fertility Code (22 min)

Fertility Beats with Message

If you’d like an upgraded package – Fertility Code with Message - it includes the 3 Alchemy Beats tracks, an email or phone consult, and a personal message from your soul baby!



Custom Fertility Code with Guided Meditation

is a personalized option… you will receive all 3 Fertility Code tracks (grounding, receiving and Fertility Code), plus an email or phone consult, and a beats version that includes a customized meditation based on your needs.

I think the meditation was powerful and quite magical! I have felt that I’ve connected to spirit baby for this month that I’ve got the chance to work with you. I’ve enjoyed dancing, singing and playing. There have been birds everywhere. When I listened to the meditation I felt really strongly that there is another dimension to this journey, the really spiritual side of it. The fact that another soul is going to come into the world “through me” it’s hard to comprehend but I so look forward to intensity of emotion! Thank you
— Annika, Sweden

If you are looking for additional support, please reach out to me at anytime at

Would also love to hear from you and your experience while listening.

Sending love & light!